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Our Brand

From our pioneering beginnings in 1978, our family-run business has created an extraordinary collection of jewellery inspired by and made from the natural world. The fusion of science, nature, precious metals and design developed over the years by our Research and Development Team has enabled real flowers, rose stems, leaves, shells and seeds to be preserved and turned into distinctive treasures by artisans' hands.

So cutting-edge is our process that minute details of nature's beauty - a flower's veins or natural blemishes such as an insect bite or sun spot - are celebrated and preserved into features, thereby creating truly individual pieces.

We have always prided ourselves on our social and environmental responsibilities by working closely with local flower growers and employing local artisans, predominantly women. Our passion for supporting women has allowed us to provide them with good jobs thus ensuring that they are financially independent and able to support themselves and their families.

We hope that you love wearing our creations as much as we've loved creating them.
The Team at ROC Jewellery