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Hidden Treasures 2 Collection for Chiang Mai Design Award 2016

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Creative Chiang Mai 2016 – Chiang Mai Design Week and Chiang Mai Design Award

Thai people have revered flowers since ancient times, using them as hair corsages, handheld garlands weddings and as decorations for their spirit houses. The internet has enabled Thai flower growers full accessibility and opportunities to the world of flowers. Today, Thailand is famed for their traditional orchids and temperate flowers. Since 1978, we have brought the best of the past into the future by pioneering the transformation of real flowers ad leaves into beautiful jewellery, using gold, silver, natural highlights and semi-precious stones. As each flower is unique, so too is each jewellery piece; designed and handcrafted to be the only one. Our Hidden Treasures Collection is a celebration of the flora around us that is often seen but not noticed. Using fine silver, the collection uncovers and transforms their hidden beauty into eye-catching creations. Our Hidden Treasures Collection is currently on display at Chiang Mai Design Week exhibition, at the Lanna Architecture Centre. Our award winning Hidden Treasures 2 Collection is currently on display at Chiang Mai Design Award exhibition, also held at the Lanna Architecture Centre.
Hidden Treasures 2 Collection Necklace
Hidden Treasures 2 Collection Brooch
Hidden Treasures 2 Collection Ring
Hidden Treasures 2 Collection Bracelet
Hidden Treasures 2 Collection Earrings

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