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Chiang Mai Design Week - Exclusive Collections by ROC Jewellery

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ROC Jewellery has put together five wonderfully creative collections, specially designed and handcrafted for Chiang Mai Design Week 2016.

These one-off pieces are currently on display at the Lanna Architecture Centre.

All items will be available for purchase online after Design Week closes on 11th December 2016.

Flower Garden Collection

Our Flower Garden Collection is a celebration of the home garden and the beauty and peace these havens offer. This fine silver collection has been created from flowers and leaves which can be found in Chiang Mai's local gardens.

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Hidden Treasures Collection

Our Hidden Treasures Collection is a celebration of the flora around us that is often seen but goes unnoticed. Using fine silver, the collection uncovers and transforms their hidden beauty into eye-catching, everlasting creations.

The trichoglottis dawsoniana and trichoglottis cirrhifera orchids used in this collection are native to the tropical forests of north and northeast Thailand. At ROC we work closely with local flower growers, encouraging and supporting the continued cultivation of these seasonal and increasingly rare orchids.

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Hidden Treasures 2 Collection

This collection continues our exploration of transforming often overlooked flora into objects of beauty. We entered this collection into Chiang Mai Design Award 2016 and were delighted to have been selected as a winner in the Craft Design category

This collection has been sold.

Hidden Treasures 2 Collection


Rose of the North

Our Rose of the North Collection pays homage to Chiang Mai, fondly known as the Rose of the North for its lush scenery and temperate climate. The miniature rose is cultivated abundantly in the mountains surrounding the city, and this collection has been created by coating its leaves in fine silver with rhodium finish or with 12k gold highlights.

This collection has been sold

Peacock Collection

Our Peacock Collection has been inspired by the colourful and soft feather movements of the peacock's fan tail. The delicate petals of the fringed hibiscus have been coated in fine silver and complemented with turquoise stones to create a truly regal collection.

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Gardenia Collection

Our Gardenia Collection has been created from the Golden Gardenia, a flower often seen in local home gardens. Named locally after the yellow topaz, the flower changes from white to dark yellow as it matures and its fragrance and beautiful rounded shape make it a popular ornamental plant. The flowers have been coated in fine silver creating a collection which celebrates Thailand's horticultural heritage. To purchase our Gardenia Collection



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