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A Random Chain of Events, Maction Planet, Lantau Ren and Creating New Jewellery

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Laser cutting leaves
Crafting our jewellery from fresh mango leaves
Sometimes, a random chain of events can lead to an interesting time. A few months ago we wrote a post about our Japanese Gingko Leaf pendants. The independent Tokyo tour company, Maction PlanetMaction Planet (of which we were one of their first customers), happened to read the blog and contacted us for an interview. The interview with Maction Planet covered their Tokyo Music and Culture Radio Show (Tokyo On, of which we are great fans), Japanese seasons (in particular autumn Gingko leaves), and a few personal memories from our trip to Japan a few years ago (including a hair-raising journey by boat from Shanghai to Osaka).
Our interview was then seen by Lantau Ren, a jewellery and lifestyle brand based in Hong Kong, and we were asked to create their new Love U Four Seasons Bracelet.
Love U 4 Seasons Bracelet by Lantau Ren
The unique bracelet features five beautiful charms - a heart, a snowflake, a fan, a sakura blossom and a maple leaf. In keeping with what we do best, all the charms have been created from nature and plated in 24k gold. The heart, fan and sakura blossom charms have been created from real mango leaves, using a technique we were perfecting for our latest collection. The snowflake is a real capiz shell, cut to size and handpainted with a gold snowflake, and the maple charm is a real miniature Japanese Maple Leaf (similar to our Japanese Maple Leaf pendants). These beautiful, bespoke bracelets are available online at Lantau Ren and at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.
Whist working on the bracelets we also had our own Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day pieces to create. The result was our cute dog pendants to usher in the Year of the Dog and our double heart pendants to celebrate love and romance. Both pendants are part of our Mango Leaf Collection and have been laser-cut from real mango leaves, picked from our mini orchard, and coated in 24k gold or silver.
Mango Leaf Collection for Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year
Random events may simply be moments in time which come and go, but often they shape what happens next. In our case, it led to some fun collaborations and we had a great time working with both Maction Planet and Lantau Ren.
If you own a lifestyle or jewellery boutique and are interested in working with us (either as wholesalers or for bespoke designs), we'd love to hear from you at

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